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    EngNet® is a powerful Directory/Search Engine/Buyers Guide Service aimed specifically at the Engineering industry to…

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    We will use our vast experience to professionally setup and manage Google Adwords for your company. AdWords…

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    From the initial phases of consulting and website design to world class website hosting and service level agreements, Engineered Media…

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    Be featured in front of our 1.5 million+ industry audience. Highlight your business and generate high quality leads from industry buyers…

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Complete Online Media Solutions

Internet is OUR domain – let’s make it YOURS

Engineered Media has established itself as a complete Online Media Solution with numerous strategies to take your company to the top. Engineered Media was birthed in 1996, being one of the first companies in South Africa to offer website services. In 1998 we launched our Online Engineering Directory, EngNet, which happened to coincide with the launch of Google.


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    Real World Look at the Internet of Things

    Many of the technologies that will form the foundation of the Internet of Things (IoT) have been around for decades and the IoT is just a reconceptualization of devices and networks that have already delivered major efficiencies in healthcare, retail, and manufacturing. As has been well documented, the total number of IoT connections will rise […]

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    Consumer Internet of Things Market

    Consumer Internet of Things Smar Home (Image Courtesy Consumer Internet of Things Market (IoT) To Reach $2.5 Trillion by 2020 The Internet of Things (IoT) has long been the purview of industrial manufacturers. But today the IoT is more and more about the Consumer Internet of Things and how people interact with the technology […]

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    Google’s Titan Drones to be Tested This Year

    Titan Aerospace Google’s Titan Drones to be Tested This Year…. Hope to Provide Internet to the World! Google has announced its newly acquired Titan Drones will perform its first flight test later this year. After hearing about Facebook’s rumored interest in the drone company, Google went ahead and purchased Titan in hopes of eventually deploying […]

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    Cheaper Satellites Provide Internet to Everyone

    Wikimedia Commons SpaceX and Worldvu Plan to Develop 700 Lighter and Cheaper Satellites to Provide Internet Access To Everyone SpaceX and Tesla Founder Elon Musk revolutionized the automotive and aerospace industries with electric cars and cheap rockets. Now, he is focusing on making small, economical satellites that can provide cheap internet access to the world. […]

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    Global Internet Performance

    Google-Fiber (Image Courtesy Global Internet Performance Tracking Saves Time & Resources According to researchers who do internet performance tracking, people spend from 30 to 60 minutes a day, every day, waiting for transportation, on hold, at bus stop, for a train, for a computer to boot or for internet pages to load. Focusing on […]